Why three steps to midnight? Why not? Seriously though, it' something that just leapt into my head one day, as things tend to do. The more I pondered on it, the more it sounds cool in my head. Midnight evokes a sensation, a thought in all of us. Midnight is a nexus, the gateway between the day that was and the day that will be.  It's a time when you can leave behind you the things that have been and prepare for the things to come. Almost always, short of perhaps those working night shift, if you're awake at midnight, it's for something that is out of the ordinary, something that is an exception. You are experiencing, you are out of your comfort zone. You are in control of your spirit and your body and you are resisting your natural urges to rest or retreat. Midnight is anticipation; it's potential. Living life at three steps to midnight means encapsulating those sensations, drawing on those strengths and boldy stepping into the new day to face the approaching dawn. All in time to shine.

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