Returning to writing

For much of this year I’ve been thinking about writing and creating again. I commenced, briefly, at the start of the year, in a simplified bullet point form, which was aimed at summarising thoughts. It sort of served its purpose, but petered out mainly because I find my day to day fairly routine and occasionally mundane. For the most part, I wake up, eat breakfast, go to work, work, come home, noodle about, and go to bed, at least during the week.

That is not overly interesting. Sure, facets of it can be, but, certainly not enough to be writing about it each day or even every other day. And certainly not as a global pandemic strikes and the routine becomes even more, well, routine. I also don’t need an outlet for catharsis like I once did, which was the original form this blog took.

That said, I like writing. I do it for a job, more or less. I create stories, I inspire people, be it in chats, emails, or in longer form communications. I like to take my thoughts and crystalise them. I like to make worlds, even if they’re only scientifically constrained definitions.

Therefore, it becomes less contained and more interesting when it’s about something outside of that construct. The things that I do for enjoyment, for entertainment, for experiencing. Further to that, I often find myself wanting to talk at length about certain things, like how I relate to an album, or how a certain place makes me feel and well, most people don’t always share my enthusiasm. They have their own priorities. I get that. I still have the want to express, though.

Thus the return to the blog. For me. And whoever wants to read. I’ll write about what I’m enjoying, a lot of music, old and new, wines, beers, coffee, trips, some photos, and anything else that takes my fancy.

I live in Perth, in Western Australia, and despite what people claim, it’s not the most isolated city in the world (though it’s not far from it). It’s a wonderful place to live, with a balance of nature, beauty, and safety that is unlike almost anywhere else I’ve travelled. I’m afforded a lifestyle that allows me to travel fairly regularly (well, within the state for now), and to explore things that I like with a little more depth and passion.

I like to take trips to wineries and get to know the process. I like to try all of the beers, and am just getting more deeply into coffee. Music has always been a part of my life and in the last year or so I’ve renewed my interest in exploring music, like I did in the days before streaming services and the like. I like to hike, take the road less traveled, and explore.

I hope to record for myself and share all of these things, some of my passions, through this vehicle.

And so we’re done with the first post.