• Tuesday started with a morning stroll on a cloudy morning. Clouds are a rarity in Perth summers and there's always something surprising about them when they reappear, as though "Oh, clouds still exist".
  • The afternoon gardening was spent in the shade, clearing weeds and drinking lemonade made from the lemon tree. Simply joys.
  • After a quick shower, I took some time to read on the front deck in the warm afternoon sun. There's something balancing about being cool from a shower and being baked by the afternoon heat.
  • The evening was spent working, but listening to music. A good day.


  • Very productive chats, as though maybe the long awaited breakthrough has happened. Let's see if we can maintain this momentum.
  • Thoughts continuing to high level plans for the future. Only I can really effect that change, even in the absence of a broader change scope/directive. So I may as well do it as best I see fit.

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