10/02/2020 – Digging Through Old Stashes


  • New week started with very little aplomb.
  • Returning home I decided to tackle the garden and proceeded to quickly fill a bin with bark from the Giant Tree's great debarking of 2019. It's an impressive yearly ritual where it winds up all shiny and new for a few months, before blooming. The flowers, and subsequent bird and bee life should arrive any day now.
  • Sat outside on the front deck in the afternoon sun. Whilst hot, it's nice to remember the feeling of that warmth.
  • In the evening after some work, I continued the office de-clutter, attacking drawers that I haven't opened for two years. A few things moved on, others were moved to more appropriate storage and, well, now I can say that the drawers are serviceable and have capacity for additional things, whatever they may be.
  • I also have approximately 289,000 USB sticks.
  • Tonight's song is Beat Around the Bush by nothing, from an album that pretty much kept me sane during a seven week stint in the Gobi desert. Fond memories.


  • Some good chats with the usual weekly meeting as well as getting the team back together. Lots of momentum for the new year.
  • Discovered a change that needs to be made which is, whilst personally unfortunate, necessary and probably not a bad thing anyway. That is life in a dynamic business.

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