09/02/2020 – Joining the dots


  • Lazy start to Sunday before heading out to tackle the garden. I actually enjoy gardening, bust aspects of it seem like a chore. I'm trying to make it less so and maybe one day will given those aspects up to paying someone to do them for me.
  • Today was the lawn and driveway, trying to make it look as neat as it does when it's clean. It hadn't been done in a while so was a fair chore. Unfortunately due to the late start, the wind was not in my favour and so by the time i had finished, the leaves had started to return. You can't get too worked up over these things.
  • Had some chats with the neighbours. The new ones have had a hard run of it since moving in, the ones are only home occasionally are doing well. Nice to be surrounded by nice people.
  • Some afternoon provision hunting followed by some evening cooking, a bit of TV and then early to bed.
  • Today's song is The Missing by Deerhunter.


  • The Sabbath. Not the bloody one.

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