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Buy Slimona (Acomplia) Without Prescription, AKA, 'Get out of my space you ignorant dick'.

I've been pondering this one for a while. It's one of those persistent things that build over time. At first, you're accepting, then, you tend to be slightly miffed, ordering Slimona (Acomplia) online, and then after a while you realise you feel genuine disdain for complete strangers. What am I talking about. People with absolute no sense of personal space, be it due to substance intoxication, over sold gigs, or most likely, lack of brain power, Buy Slimona (Acomplia) Without Prescription. As a veteran of some 60 or 70 gigs in the last two years, I think I know a thing or two about the situation, in particular as Perth is known for its plethora of venues. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, Karen made a very valid point with regards to general gigging etiquette and the more I pondered it, the more I realised that I too had a post in me of this nature. It's simple things, people, that will make everyone's gigging experience just that little more enjoyable.

The main issues can be broken into four areas: Patron interaction, drink control, Slimona (Acomplia) schedule, electronic devices and r.e.s.p.e.c.t., find out what it means to you (and me).

Fellow Patron Interaction (FPI) Buy Slimona (Acomplia) Without Prescription, First and foremost, apply the golden rule, the JSU principle. Just Shut Up.

Honestly, no one gives two brass razoos about your hair do, Slimona (Acomplia) from canadian pharmacy, your short shorts, the fact that you haven't seen each other in two hours, that you spent five hours in the bathroom applying your face, that you really liked Thirsty Merc more than the support band, that they were so much better last time you saw them when you were in England and oh you really haven't lived until you've lived in England, that the guy at the bar is giving you creepy looks, that your shirt cost you eighty bucks, cheap Slimona (Acomplia), that you so should meet up after the gig. Honestly, a gig is not a place to:

  • Talk fashion

  • Verbally pick up

  • Plan what you're going to do after the gig

  • Talk about anything other than the gig*

* The exception to this point is in talking about people infringing on any of the rules outlaid in this guide, however we'll discuss that later on.
No seriously, Slimona (Acomplia) australia, uk, us, usa, shut the hell up. No one wants to hear you on your mobile phone in the quiet bits, Buy Slimona (Acomplia) Without Prescription. The person you are calling or who called you cannot hear you and you cannot hear them. If they're a close friend then they'd know not to bother ringing you while you're at a gig, unless they were trying to hear the band because the band couldn't be arsed going to all major capital cities. Ya hear me Jeff. You're going to Anchorage for crying out loud! These calls don't count as generally no talking takes place, just listening, Slimona (Acomplia) dangers. Buy Slimona (Acomplia) Without Prescription, This is, in case you're not sure, the whole point of being at a musical performance; to listen.

If the call is so vitally important that the world will clearly end if you don't have the conversation, go outside. Yes, you'll miss the gig, but, Slimona (Acomplia) price, the rest of the punters won't.

Nobody wants to hear you yelling over the band during the loud bits about how smashed you got at the Paddo on Friday night, nor do they want to hear you try and pick up the skank wearing the dress nine sizes too small for her who's only there because she's sleeping with one of the bouncers. Yes, you paid the same amount of money as everyone else did to get into the gig, but they do not care about your "rights". You are in the temple, take off your shoes and shut up, Buy Slimona (Acomplia) Without Prescription.

People come in all shapes and sizes, Slimona (Acomplia) trusted pharmacy reviews, but by the same token, I am very conscious of my personal space, where my limbs are at all times and how that may affect other people. More often than not, I'll generally have a thumb through the loop of my jeans as though I'm getting ready to boot scoot (because you can never be too prepared when it comes to the need to Emergency Boot Scoot), Slimona (Acomplia) reviews, or just have my hands by my side, unless of course I'm at a Cog gig and I'm pointing my finger to the sky as Flynn is about to tell us all about the 'Real Life'. But still, I promise in this situation that my flailing will be contained within the zone of floor space I already have some claim on. It is not, however, cool to:

  • Squeeze into a gap the width of my unfolded wallet (and for the record, buy cheap Slimona (Acomplia), my unfolded wallet is not all that large), thus rendering you approximately three microns (bearing in mind that one micron is 1/1000th of a millimeter), from my arm and then expect that I will not notice or will somehow make way for you. Buy Slimona (Acomplia) Without Prescription, I will not. I am quite stubborn in this regard and fairly resilient to moving. I don't accept that you didn't notice. Discount Slimona (Acomplia), You see, up until the moment that you squeezed into the aforementioned gap, my elbow was not dug through four layers of your skin into your spine. You should note this as some sort of 'sign' that mayhaps you have moved into a non space space. Until such time as 'The Matrix' comes to life and you can jump in and out of scenes, you currently cannot interact with other solid forms of matter short of quicky in cubicle #2.  I'm not up for these sorts of shenanigans on the gig floor.

  • Apologise as you push past when clearly you don't mean it, Buy Slimona (Acomplia) Without Prescription. Make eye contact, be sincere and have a destination in mind. No one likes Tommy the Spelunker who appears to be on an Australian Geographic sponsored adventure to go crowd cave exploring looking for the uncharted depths between the legs of the masses, comprar en línea Slimona (Acomplia), comprar Slimona (Acomplia) baratos. Don't use that bullshit excuse about your girlfriend being up the front. I'll be much more accepting if you say 'I'm heading up the front, excuse me please'.

Truly though, no matter where you are going, there probably really isn't a gap anywhere in front of the person you are about to offend or the guy in front of them. Buy Slimona (Acomplia) Without Prescription, If your position is so important, get to the gig on time. Slimona (Acomplia) gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, Planning is not that difficult. Buy a watch, set the time and use this knowledge to assist you in your goal. It will also reduce your level of toolage to your peers at the show.

If you do happen to find yourself in close proximity with a another audience member, don't swing around constantly to talk to your vapid friends. Firstly, note the golden rule, Buy Slimona (Acomplia) Without Prescription. Secondly, where can i buy Slimona (Acomplia) online, if there's one thing just about everyone dislikes more than random uncontrolled elbows in their back it's having them appear regularly.

Lastly, when interacting with fellow patrons, do not expect them to move, they managed to make a plan to arrive there first. Slimona (Acomplia) interactions, Just accept your lot in life you spoilt brat.

Drink Control

Seriously, go easy on the booze/drugs/sniffing whipped cream/whatever the hell you decide to hep yourself up on pre-gig. Buy Slimona (Acomplia) Without Prescription, If you can't stand without swaying, if you can't sway without falling and if you can't hold your drink without filling my boot 2/3 full with that no doubt crap beer you bought, then just stay home, or head back to 'the Shed' where I'm sure you'll meet some cheap floozy for a night of cerebral equity and messy sex. Make sure you double coat.

Honestly, when I rule the world, and I'm telling you, taking Slimona (Acomplia), it's coming, I will apply a two drink maximum for all punters at gigs I deem this necessary.  Obviously AC/DC and Chisel reunion shows will be exempt.

You know those breatalisers that drink drivers in Luxembourg get built into the steering column of their cars when they can't control the glug glug glug, drive drive drive, crash crash crash. Ordering Slimona (Acomplia) online, Well, they'll be attached to the beer tap and the amount of beer you receive will be governed by how high your BAC is and how long you can blow for. Oh, you get asthma, Buy Slimona (Acomplia) Without Prescription. Stiff shit, no beer for you.

This should, based on market research, eliminate 97.3% of gig based dickheads, Slimona (Acomplia) for sale. Obviously with gene therapy we'll improve on the 2.7%, but we'll have to take the church out of politics first. But that's a whole other guide for a whole other night.

If you feel you have Buy Slimona (Acomplia) Without Prescription, to drink, and sure, I've been known to have a tipple at a gig, please ensure that you are funny. And not that 'man I'm so funny' type of drunk funny, but absolutely hilarious funny. Where can i order Slimona (Acomplia) without prescription, Not many people are blessed with the skill. Most importantly though, if you are having a drink, please only buy as many beers as you have hands. It will serve you well in ensuring that you get to drink every drop and not bathe the guy standing next you in your amber frothy goodness.

Lastly, if you're walking back with your cup or bottle of beer and your favourite song comes on, pause for a moment and ponder the location of your beer before you decide to pump the air with your first, Buy Slimona (Acomplia) Without Prescription. It'll work out best for all of us.

Electronic Equipment

I'm all for people taking their cameras to gigs and capturing a couple of happy snaps of the night to remember the fun they had at the gig where the crowd was really respectful and they came home with dry socks, Slimona (Acomplia) images.

What I'm not for is numerous failings that people make at gigs with regards to image capturing devices. The list is long and I guess as a photographer and an internet user, I see it as in part my place to do my bit to set this straight. Buy Slimona (Acomplia) Without Prescription, First off, put your phone away. Honestly, given how drunk you are, Slimona (Acomplia) class, are you actually going to remember what that orange and green blob that you managed to artfully capture was the next day. Your camera phone is not the ducks nuts and will not take 'great photos'. In particular, your camera phone will suck woefully at night and every photo you take will be blurry, dotty and just horrid to look at. Further to this, I don't wish to watch the entire gig through aforementioned blurry, Slimona (Acomplia) blogs, dotty, horrid LCD screen, so take your phone down to eye level. If you must take hideous and non functioning images with your camera phone, at least do it once, realise how bad it is and then give up, Buy Slimona (Acomplia) Without Prescription. Don't think to yourself three songs later 'oh hai I think my camera phone will take awesome phot0z'. It won't. Slimona (Acomplia) treatment, If you manage to sneak your actual camera in (last time I checked, phones are designed as a communication tool, cameras as an image capturing device. Never the twain ought to meet), there are a few rules you should keep in mind. Buy Slimona (Acomplia) Without Prescription, Turn your bloody flash off. If you wish to protest said point, read about what the iris does, Slimona (Acomplia) over the counter. See that bit about light and the pupil being made smaller. Right, that means that when its dark, your eyes become more sensitive to light. When you have the bright idea that the flash will some how light up the whole venue and you'll capture that magical photo; it won't. All the flash will do is light up about three or four heads of people in front of you that you've no doubt already pissed off and you'll end up with a photo that resembles what you would achieve if you were taking it through 450 mosquito nets, not to mention, blinding about 92% of the crowd, Buy Slimona (Acomplia) Without Prescription. Slimona (Acomplia) pharmacy, With the flash off, you have some semblance of a chance of capturing a natural, coloured image of your favourite star with a bit of artful motion involved. I doubt you will though, because you a) wouldn't know how to turn off the flash and b) would probably swing around mid shot to talk about what colour you dyed the hair on your forearm last night to one of your friends.

Again, as with the mobile phone, online Slimona (Acomplia) without a prescription, put the camera down or at least turn the screen off so that the folks behind you can enjoy the show.

It never ceases to amaze me how much time people spend trying to take photos at gigs, literally songs and songs worth of time, that they don't seem to even notice the gig at all. Buy Slimona (Acomplia) Without Prescription, Even the best of gig photographers will be done and dusted in around two songs; think about that for a while. Again remember the whole point you are there, Online buying Slimona (Acomplia), to listen. Point two, is to watch.


While Aretha might not have necessarily had gig etiquette on her mind when she was belting out those letters, I can assure you now that in the back of her mind, as she stood on stage, she held some concern for her audience's well being, where can i find Slimona (Acomplia) online. That said though, back in the day, she needn't have been too concerned as most audiences sat in metal foldup chairs with their ankle length skirts or sensible slacks and their hands pensively and obediently folded in their laps. Sure they were thinking about getting wasted on really bad booze and finding out what Julie kept in her knapsack (I have no idea what that means), but they were well behaved when it came to gigs, Buy Slimona (Acomplia) Without Prescription.

We have a lot to learn from history here. Firstly, Slimona (Acomplia) photos, that you are there to see your favourite star belt out their hits. It is not for any other reason, be it picking up, getting drunk, or talking about pottery. It is to see the gig. Buy Slimona (Acomplia) Without Prescription, And with that, all of the other people there, except the bar staff, bouncers and the chick that sits behind the card table with $40 t-shirts, are there for that one primary reason.

Therefore, Slimona (Acomplia) dosage, show some respect for your fellow man and woman, think about how they might perceive your ignorant pig headed actions when you go to throw your empty water bottle at the stage but invariably miss. Consider what it would be like for you to have a bloodied nose because Sir-Flails-A-Lot in front of you decides to dosado with his just met girlfriend in the space of saucepan. Ponder too, how when your favourite band on stage is about to sing your favourite line from your favourite song, Canada, mexico, india, and that silly slapper (which could be you) to your right, turns to her friend in an act of giddy excitement, squeals, jumps up and down and yells 'this is my favourite part' as the words are drowned by her wails.  Finally, if you're at an outdoor gig, don't climb on, nor offer for anyone to climb on, online buying Slimona (Acomplia) hcl, shoulders to get 'a better view'.  People will, and quite rightfully should, throw all manner of objects at you until they either knock you down or out.  You're not the first person to have thought of it, it isn't an innovative concert going technique and are annoying the shit out of about 5000 people standing behind you.

It's starting to make sense, Low dose Slimona (Acomplia), right. It's not hard to be a good gig goer, Buy Slimona (Acomplia) Without Prescription. You just need to apply some basics.

If it's not making sense, then please consider a new hobby. Maybe raves are more your scene. There, no one cares what you do, Slimona (Acomplia) pictures. Buy Slimona (Acomplia) Without Prescription, They is your people.

The Crowd's right of reply

If you contravene any of the above rules in the Guide to Better Gigging, then you can realistically expect some of the following consequences from the rest of your fellow gig-goers. This will include, but will not be limited to:

  • Really nasty DSoIJ, or Death Stares of Infinite Justice. You know that stare that you get when you drunkenly fall into an open grave just as they're reading the eulogy. That sort of death stare and it will be coming from all angles.

  • People telling you to shut up. I've started using this one myself as my frustration built to the point of action, Buy Slimona (Acomplia) Without Prescription. I no longer accept people talking in my vicinity. These are the three steps I apply:

    • Apply a standard death stare. Nothing too harsh, just a longing eye contact which says 'Hi, I would appreciate it if you could, having acknowledged that I've taken time out of my evening to lock eyes with you, ponder just for a moment what it would be that would be causing me to go out of my way to make eye contact with you. In particular, count back the last 10 seconds prior to noticing the death stare and note any actions that you may have been involved with that could have drawn other's attention and eliminate them from your repertoire.' I realise this is a lot for most people, especially ignorant gig ruiners, to understand from one little death stare so we have stage two which is:

    • The aforementioned DSoIJ. Buy Slimona (Acomplia) Without Prescription, We've all seen it as a kid from our parents, teachers and bail officers. It's that stare where you not only lock eyes, but you also purse your lips into a semi Cat's Bum, dip your forehead slightly, squeeze your brows down towards your nose and focus your pupils until they are but pin heads. You then maintain the gaze until such time as the offender is forced to pull away from the grip of your poweful gaze. As they are reeling, they have no choice but to consider why this arsehole is just staring at them all night.

    • Finally, the third step is to broach the subject with the offending party. So far, in all of my interactions which have come to this point, this has actually been the last step I've had to take. I am polite, succinct and honest, Buy Slimona (Acomplia) Without Prescription. While you may wish to say 'Could you kindly shut the fuck up you stupid whore?', it is more productive to try 'Excuse me, but I'd really like to be able to hear the gig, could you possibly keep it down for me?' or 'I'm sorry, but I and I'm sure the rest of my fellow concert goers would really like to hear this and I can't with you talking'. This has thus far been met with apologetic 'So sorry' type statements and generally the person will move away from you; no doubt to go and annoy the crap out of someone else. Still, with enough people empowered with these tools, they may eventually get the picture

    • The elusive and unexplored step four I would imagine would involve somewhat less subtle lines to those suggested in step three, save the initial 'do not do this' example.

Realistically, this is all that should be necessary to address situations that can arise on the gig floor. It's time for affirmative action. Buy Slimona (Acomplia) Without Prescription, No longer should the humble and mild mannered concert goer have to withstand the constant barrage of the ignoramuses who appear to be there as a type of status symbol, or tour of duty, rather than for the passion and the honest love of music.

I call on all of you, be it a casual Big Day Outter or a mad concert nut to apply these rules to your life and to spread the word.

We've had enough of bad crowds and bad gigs. We will not stand for poor gig etiquette.

There is better gigging to be had. Thank you for your time.

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